This is not a Camping Trailer.

Polydrops was born in 2017 as an architectural project of mobile space by two architecture students, Kyung-Hyun(K) and Jieun(J). This architectural project was focused on seeking a stylish design yet aerodynamic - so it can be towed by any vehicle, also seeking for a new method of construction to achieve proper insulation so people can stay inside regardless of the outdoor temperature. 

To initiate the project, K had to make a decision to sell his only asset, a small Kia to fund it. The result of the project was named 'Polydrop trailer' since it had a polygonized teardrop shape. When K and J went out on road trips all around the US with J's 4-cylinder compact car, they unexpectedly received positive feedback and interest. A year after, the chance to coincidently encounter an angel investor at the SCI-Arc parking lot during the thesis semester offers them an opportunity to start a business at his startup incubator that they had never imagined before. This was the beginning of Polydrops, Inc.

Polydrop is never meant to be a camping trailer. It is your own space that you can take with you wherever you go. They may sound similar, but there is one fundamental difference. We believe "Your own space" is where you feel comfortable and coziness. No matter how harsh outside, your shell has to be designed to protect you from it. We are obsessed with insulation and energy efficiency because of this reason.

“What we’ve designed is not just a camping trailer, but more of a portable private space of your own that one or two can travel with. Fun fact is, Jieun and I not only used to use this trailer for traveling, but we also used it as a personal studying space while earning our graduate degree at the SCI-Arc parking lot and also as a micro office while we were developing our business at the start-up incubator.”​

-Kyung-Hyun Lew, Founder of Polydrops

The first Polydrop trailer, 2017, Los Angeles, California

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