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This is Not a Camping Trailer

In 2017, Polydrops was established as an architectural endeavor by two architectural students, Kyunghyun (K) and Jieun (J). The project aimed to design a mobile space that was both aesthetically pleasing and aerodynamic, allowing it to be towed by any vehicle. Additionally, the project sought to develop a new method of construction for proper insulation, enabling individuals to comfortably reside within the structure regardless of external temperature.

In order to commence the project, K made the decision to sell his sole asset, a small Kia, to provide funding. The outcome of the project was named "Polydrop Trailer," as it featured a polygonal teardrop shape. K and J subsequently embarked on road trips across the United States with J's 4-cylinder compact car, where they received unexpected positive feedback and interest. One year later, during the thesis semester at the SCI-Arc parking lot, K and J fortuitously encountered an angel investor who offered them the opportunity to launch a business at his startup incubator, an opportunity they had not previously considered. This marked the inception of Polydrops, Inc.

Polydrop is not intended to be a conventional camping trailer. Instead, it serves as a personal space that can be transported to any location. While the concept of a mobile living space may seem similar to that of a camping trailer, there is a crucial distinction. Our belief is that a personal space should provide a sense of comfort and coziness, regardless of the external environment. For this reason, we place a strong emphasis on insulation and energy efficiency in our designs. The shell of the trailer must be designed to protect its inhabitants from harsh outdoor conditions. Insulation and energy efficiency are fundamental components of our design process, as we strive to create a truly personalized and comfortable living space.

“What we’ve designed is not just a camping trailer, but more of a portable private space of your own that one or two can travel with. Fun fact is, Jieun and I not only used to use this trailer for traveling, but we also used it as a personal studying space while earning our graduate degree at the SCI-Arc parking lot and also as a micro office while we were developing our business at the start-up incubator.”​

-Kyung-Hyun Lew, Founder of Polydrops

Story | Polydrops

The first Polydrop trailer, 2017, Los Angeles, California

Crafted with passion by a car enthusiast

The journey from home to the campsite is a significant aspect of the overall camping experience, one that is often overlooked. In reality, we spend a considerable amount of time on the road, sometimes even more than at the campsite itself. For car enthusiasts, a vehicle is more than just a means of transportation; it's an instrument of enjoyment that transcends the simple notion of moving from point A to point B.

At Polydrops, we resonate with this perspective and incorporate it into our trailer designs. We view a travel trailer as an extension of your mobile living space, where maintaining portability is of the utmost importance. If we were to compromise on portability, the essence of a travel trailer would be lost.

In line with the principle "Form follows function," we prioritize aerodynamics when designing our trailers. We start with a sleek, aerodynamic shape, and then optimize the interior space to ensure maximum efficiency and utility. This approach allows us to create travel trailers that not only enhance the driving experience but also promote ease of use and adaptability in various settings. By integrating our passion for automobiles with thoughtful design, Polydrops delivers a truly unique and enjoyable travel experience.



Perfection of innovation

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