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  The unique and modern design of the Polydrop trailer unlike most of the other teardrop trailers, has been inspired by the design of a space capsule. The idea was to escape from daily life, but to feel secure at the destination that you have arrived.

   The Polydrop Trailer is not only designed for style and uniqueness, but it is also designed for being lightweight, easy drivability, and with road safety. Some standard components might be an overkill for such a lightweight trailer, but we at Polydrops strive to eliminate any concerns of traveling no matter the size of your vehicle.

  From the beginning within just a few years, Polydrop Trailers has evolved significantly into what it has become in the present. While being groomed as a 10 year student earning his Master's degree in Architecture, there was an undeniable, growing frustration of designing multiple projects other than his own architectural design interests. Therefore,  Founder and now CEO, Kyunghyun Lew decided to build his own dreams on which Polydrop Trailers was finally born. 

   It all started with a small wooden, polygonized, teardrop-shaped, orange capsule on a basic utility trailer. Its weight was only 680lbs, light enough for Lew's wife's little 4 cylinder car to pull. They traveled with this first Polydrop prototype around the U.S. for one year. Upon his studies at SCI-Arc in Downtown Los Angeles, the Polydrop Trailer prototype was served as a portable study space for Mr. Lew away from the hustle and bustle of the congested LA city life. If anyone asks what Polydrops stands for, we proudly say, "It is your own space, your own dream."