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Your Own Space

Design Award 2022

P17A1 [All Electric]

Battery powered your own space that you can travel with

  • Pricing $45,990

P17A1 All Electric Trailer | Innovative Polydrops Design

The Original Polydrop

The original Polydrop Trailer reborn with advanced technology

  • Eye-catching, iconic shape with gull-wing style side doors

  • Climate controlled cabin and kitchen on the back

  • Equipped with 4.8kWh LiFePO4 battery and 260W solar panel as standard

​No Range Anxiety, Get Better MPG

No Range Anxiety,

Get Better MPG

Any car can tow P17A1 including electric vehicles. Electric vehicles often lose their half range by towing a traditional teardrop trailer. Inspired by F1 vehicles, P17A1's aerodynamic features including full flat aero underbody and vertical fins to help significantly reduce aero drag proven by 21st century technology and real world tests, letting you travel further without range anxiety.

  • Engineered with Computational Fluid Dynamics program

  • Real world tests performed with a Tesla Model 3 and Hyundai Ioniq 5

​Maximum Comfort

Maximum Comfort

Engineered for your maximum comfort on the road. Frame integrated LiFePO4 battery powers climate control system, Bluetooth speakers, 110V outlet and Outdoor kitchen.

  • 54" x 76" Bed space for up to two people

  • Battery powered air conditioner, heater, and ventilation

  • Monitoring electrical system at a glance

  • Three cubbyholes for storage, plus Bluetooth speakers and 110V outlets

  • Convertible table

  • Windows with screens

​Architectural Touch

Architectural Touch

With the founders' architectural knowledge and experience, P17A1 takes the architectural principles of passive house, is extremely insulated to protect you from unexpected weather.

  • Enclosed with up to 8.7" solid seamless insulation

  • Aluminum finish exterior reflects thermal radiation

  • White, wood and aluminum interior makes you feel at space pod

​Mobile Kitchen

Mobile Kitchen

The simple modern styling of a pull-out induction stove, storage drawer, 45-liter fridge, sink and a large cooking counter illuminated by 4 LED lights, simple, yet practical and technical. 

  • Battery powered fridge, sink and two-burner induction stove

  • 6 gallons of fresh water

  • 110V outlet for kitchen appliances

  • Space saving pull-out kitchen system for meal prep

​Hassle-free charging

Hassle-free charging

P17A1 is designed for frontiers beyond the city and off the grid. Up to 520W solar panel automatically recharges the battery while you focus on other tasks.

  • The base 260W solar panel can be upgraded to 520W

  • Victron Energy inverter charger system along with solar charge controller

  • A 110V inlet provides backup for charging when there is no sunlight

​Specs P17A1 All Electric Trailer | Innovative Polydrops Design


Basic features of P17A1 All Electric no one can imitate

  • Battery powered climate control, 110V outlets and mobile kitchen

  • Solar charging system

  • Monitoring electrical system at a glance

  • Aerodynamic shape reduces air resistance by 70% compared to other trailers

  • Full flat aero underbody with vertical fins

  • Seamless rigid insulation for all-season

  • Rust-free custom aluminum tube chassis

  • 2000 lbs Timbren Axle-less independent suspension

  • 205/75/15 Tires with black rims

  • Clear-anodized aluminum exterior

  • Two side doors with locks

  • Three cubbyholes for interior storage


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