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P19 [Shorty]

From $9,950

Adavanced Aerodynamic

No Range Anxiety,

Get Better MPG

Towing a traditional teardrop trailer can be a burden on your EV's range, but the P19 Shorty's highly aerodynamic design, developed through 21st-century technology and real-world testing, minimizes this effect, allowing you to travel further without worrying about range anxiety.

With over a hundred design alterations tested, the P19 Shorty is proven to be the most aerodynamic option on the market, and it can be towed by any car, not just electric vehicles. The P19 Shorty's sleek and minimalistic design is the perfect complement to the aesthetic of your modern car. Upgrade your towing experience with the P19 Shorty.

  • Engineered with Computational Fluid Dynamics program

  • Real world tests performed with a Tesla Model 3 and Hyundai Ioniq 5



Road Trip

The P19 Shorty is designed to handle any road condition, ensuring a smooth and stable ride regardless of the terrain. With its independent suspension system and durable construction, the P19 Shorty provides a comfortable and reliable mobile space for all your travels. 

  • Best in class axle-less independent suspension

  • Rust-free, rugged aluminum tubing frame

  • Super lightweight, easy to handle with your hands


"Less is More."

-Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Architect

Our design approach prioritizes functionality and usability, with accommodations for up to two individuals including ample storage space and a convertible table. Additionally, the inclusion of four side windows promotes natural ventilation and enhances the overall indoor air quality.

  • 54" x 80" Bed space for up to two people

  • Three cubbyholes for storage, plus 110V outlets

  • Convertible table

  • Windows with bug screens


Ready to Get

Your Own Space?

Order today to reserve your spot and get it earlier.



Basic features of P19 Shorty above industry standard

  • Aerodynamic shape reduces air resistance by 70% compared to other trailers

  • Seamless rigid insulation for all-season

  • Rust-free custom aluminum tube chassis

  • 2000 lbs Timbren Axle-less independent suspension

  • 205/75/15 Tires with black rims

  • Safety cable rated 3500 lbs

  • Clear-anodized aluminum exterior

  • Two side doors with locks and marine-grade door hinges

  • Four windows with bug screens

  • Tri-fold mattress

  • Convertible table

  • Three cubbyholes for interior storage

  • 110V inlet and outlet

Outdoor Kitchen

Kitchen and Roadshower installed on a rear hitch receiver.

  • Collapsible sink with Roadshower 4 gal

  • Side tables

  • 2 Burner stove

  • Storage box


P19 Shorty Features

Introducing the P19 [Shorty]:

Your own space that is both

simple and essential.

At Polydrops, we believe in creating products that are not only affordable but also align with our core values. Since 2017, we have been dedicated to building the most energy-efficient mobile spaces on the market. And we are proud to introduce the new P19 Shorty, a mobile space that boasts a significantly aerodynamic design and a seamless insulated cabin.

Take your next adventure with the P19 Shorty, the perfect companion for your commuter car. Experience the convenience and freedom of having your own mobile space, wherever you go.


Architectural Touch

Designed by founders with extensive experience in architectural design, every aspect of the P19 Shorty has been thoughtfully considered to provide the ultimate mobile living space. From its sleek and minimalistic exterior to its expertly insulated interior, the P19 Shorty is built to protect you from unexpected weather, making it suitable for use in all seasons.


With the P19 Shorty, you can expect a mobile space that is not only visually pleasing but also functional and reliable.

  • Enclosed with seamless 2" solid insulation

  • Aluminum finish exterior reflects thermal radiation

  • White and wood interior makes you feel at home


A fully functional kitchen on the go

Optional modular kitchen can be attached to the P19 Shorty's rear hitch. With the included side tables and 2 burner stove, quickly build it up and turn it into a fully functional work station, making it easy to prep, cook, and serve from the same spot. 

  • Collapsible sink with 4 gallons of fresh water tank 

  • Side tables, cutting board, two burner stove, and utensil tray

  • Lantern hook, backboard organizer and handheld bottle opener

  • Lockable kitchen box


Insulation Comparison

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