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Pricing list of P19 Shorty



Explore new family memories with our lightweight, unrivaled aerodynamic full-size travel trailer – towable by almost any vehicle, including hybrid/electric vehicles.

Ultra Lightweight

The P21 with a starting weight of just 1,600 lbs, allows for easy towing without any hassle.


P21 is tall enough to stand inside but more aerodynamic than an average teardrop trailer that you can't stand inside.


Yes, you heard it right.


Heavily Insulated

Zero thermal bridge construction. Wherever you go, you and your family will be protected.


Place a fully refundable deposit to reserve a P21. Production is expected to begin in Q4 2024. You'll be able to configure your exact vehicle at a later date.

Reserve Today


Thank you! We'll reply as soon as possible

We are currently in the road test phase of the first P21 prototype.

If you have any questions about preordering the P21, please feel free to contact us below.

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