Designed and manufactured in California

Polydrop is your own comfortable space that you can bring anywhere, anytime. The P17 and P17A are two different models we offer, of the same size but offering a completely different camping experience you've never had before.

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Key Features

  • Maximized Insulation

  • Full Aluminum Box Frame

  • Timbren Independent Suspension

  • Optional Stargazing Window

  • Optional Roof Rack and Awning

A mobile room for a simple yet romantic camping experience. Create your own polydrop through customization. The most chosen Astro Package offers an unforgettable camping experience with huge stargazing windows on the roof. Super lightweight to be towed by any car. Full aluminum tube frame equipped with Timbren independent suspension gives you an exceptionally quiet riding experience. With the maximum 8.7" R-14 insulation, it is fully ready for All-Season camping.



Key Features

  • The Best Aerodynamic Design

  • Massive Battery Pack Up to 12kWh

  • Up to 520W Solar panel

  • Solar Powered A/C and Heater

  • Using 110V Off the Grid

A whole new camping experience with a focus on using electricity anywhere. The ultimate road trip experience with extreme comfort. Light enough to be towed by most cars, it has been carefully designed for aerodynamically sensitive EVs. Built for extreme weather with enormous insulation, an all-aluminum tube frame, Timbren independent suspension, and a solar climate control system with massive battery.

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Polydrops is a comfort space design company dedicated to developing the mobile rooms since 2017.


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