Polydrop is a personal space on wheels designed for new frontiers beyond the city and off the grid. It isn't just a camping trailer. It's the freedom to live anywhere.

Your Own Space

Unparalleled design and engineering

Made in California by a team who are experts in architecture and engineering.
Polydrops' iconic exterior is finished with the highest quality clear anodized aluminum and machined to perfection. The warm cabin makes you feel cozy wherever you are.

EV can tow a Polydrop

Any vehicle including EVs can tow a Polydrop. The aerodynamic form of the Polydrop has been proven in real-world tests with a Tesla Model 3.

Stay warm like a hotel room

Polydrop's seamless insulation performance that no one can imitate provides an environment like staying in a hotel room anywhere.

Solar powered 110V system

Polydrop's solar charging system can charge up to 12 kWh lithium batteries, which can power an air conditioner, heater and induction stove.

Set up in just one second

With the included solar powered 110V system, kitchen, and mattress in the over-insulated cabin, Polydrop is waiting for you to just slide in. Sun will do the hard job for you.

Ready to own your space?