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  • Coupler Lock
  • Coupler Lock
  • Coupler Lock
  • Coupler Lock

Coupler Lock

  • Coupler lock secures the trigger latch on your trailer's coupler to deter theft
    -Trailer can't be removed from your tow vehicle when locked onto ball
    -Would-be thieves can't secure your unhitched trailer to their tow vehicle
  • Ball-bearing locking system provides maximum security and ease of use
    -Just pop the deadbolt portion onto the end of the pin and the lock will automatically engage
    -Grease ball-bearings periodically to ensure smooth operation
  • Solid steel construction offers superior strength and durability
  • Chrome plating resists rust
  • Plastic cap covers key slot to help prevent corrosion in the locking mechanism
  • 2 High-security, square keys included
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