Polydrop trailer is a lightweight, low profile trailer which can be towed by most cars. But on the road, it is hard to find RVs towed by cars other than SUVs.

We understand that one of the most frightening aspects of towing a trailer is "Can my vehicle tow?". Well, we always highly recommend following the car manufacturer's guidelines but we'd love to share the experience with odd towing vehicles (some of them are not even recommended to tow anything) we've driven and our customers.

* Please always follow the manufacturer's guidelines. We are sharing our experience but not guaranteed any safety. Please tow Polydrop trailer with caution.

1. 1987 Chevy Corvette Z51

-Old V8 and the aluminum frame body. What else you need? This was a coolest setup we've done. Also, there was no noticeable MPG drop!

2. 2011 Mini Cooper S Clubman R55

- Mini Cooper Clubman S has a turbocharged engine, it is tricky to drive since the turbo spools up from 2500rpm. If you needed to pass any cars in front of you while towing Polydrop, we recommend shifting down first to let the turbo spins. Other than that, there is no complaint about it!

3. 1997 Mazda Miata

-Yes, it's the Miata, that cute little Miata. There's a class 1 towing receiver made by Curt, which is enough to tow a Polydrop trailer.

4. 2004 Toyota Prius

- It's the 2nd gen Prius, comes with 1.5L Atkinson 4cyl engine (76hp) coupled with a 67hp motor. Some say the Prius can't tow anything,(This is not but what we've seen was totally different. MPG was around 30 (without the trailer was around 40~45). The only downside was while you are climbing up the hills - you always make sure the battery condition. If the battery is out while you are climbing up the hills, you'll lose 67hp.

5. Tesla Model S

-This is not our vehicle but one of our customers'. He informed us he could get 80% of normal driving distance while he is towing a Polydrop trailer. He told us that he already made several long distance travel! We were stoked since we were scared about towing a trailer with an EV because of this youtube video:

This is all for now.

What vehicles are you planning to tow a Polydrop trailer?

We understand the shower is important during the road trip. You can choose an optional RoadShower 4S on the top of the roof rack, but if you feel that's not enough, this post will lead you to the right shower during the road trip.

Guess who needs a shower on the road, Yes, truckers. A nationwide truckstop's shower system is already made for those truckers. Before we tried, we were thinking like, "Isn't it only for the truckers?" But no, actually anyone can get in there to enjoy the hot shower during the road trip. In fact, some of the truckstops even have hairdryers and towels too. So we downloaded a trucker app called 'Trucker Path' to find truck stops near us.

When you open the Trucker Path app, you'll see the information map around your location as you can see on the left side. You can find some truck stops near you. Let's click the TA icon to see if this truck stop has a shower facility.

You'll find that they have 8 showers as you scroll down. Let's go check it out how it actually looks like.

First things first, we need to pay for the shower at the truck stop's counter. It costs around $10 - $20 depending on the Truckstop. This time we paid $15.

Once you pay, they'll give you the ID and pin number to let you access the shower room.

It was cleaner than we thought and they had a hairdryer in the shower room. Not to mention, the best thing was that we were able to get a hot shower during the road trip. We used to use dry shampoo and baby wipes during our first road trips, but we don't need them anymore.