What We Do is

Reinvent the Camping

We had rented a teardrop trailer 5 years ago, and the experience of winter camping was a nightmare. Not to mention the experience while towing it, sleeping in a travel trailer that wasn't insulated enough was felt like sleeping on a random street.
So we built one for ourselves to be able to sleep comfortably wearing a short sleeve, just like we are staying in a hotel room. With our Polydrop Trailer, we didn't need to wear winter jackets or sleeping bags while staying below 20°F degrees.
We believe the experience in a travel trailer has to be totally different from camping in a tent.

Though it is small travel trailer, but it is built for the quality of sleeping.

The reason you should choose P17A

The Most Insulated Travel Trailer


There is an enormous amount of insulation behind P17A's aluminum finish. Maximum 8.7" insulation with minimized thermal bridge reducing the usage of the battery needed for heating and cooling. This allows the air conditioner and heater to be powered by batteries, unlike any other travel trailer. We were able to sleep comfortably wearing a short sleeve, during the insulation test at snowy Lake Tahoe, CA.


Room temperature set to 73°F and stays still while outside was 20- 24°F 

Lake Tahoe, CA   |   Feb. 20, 2021

Lake Tahoe, CA   |   Feb. 20, 2021

The only choice to run an air conditioner, heater, and 110V outlet powered by batteries


Air conditioner, heater, 2.4kWh batteries, and 260W solar panels come P17A's standard. (one of the best in its class)

We believe the freedom from the shore power is key to roam freely

Aerodynamic Design


P17A is designed to be towed by most vehicles that even including EVs - our focus on aerodynamics and reducing weight/rolling resistance improves towing and mileage. We test before we say any words. The EV test records are available and they will keep updated.

EV Test with a 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD

Built with quality materials


The design comes from the quality of the parts. We always looking for the best quality parts and that gives you a whole different experience. We build aluminum frame to achieve lightweight, no rust. Independent suspension allows a smoother, quiet ride. Marine-grade electric parts, Quality door hinges and much more.