Used KJ-20 Fully Loaded w/ LiFePO4 100Ah battery
  • Used KJ-20 Fully Loaded w/ LiFePO4 100Ah battery


    KJ-20 Fully Loaded Model with LiFePO4 100Ah Battery

    We are selling our beloved Polydrops KJ-20 trailer as we are moving across the country. It has been In use since February 2021.
    In addition to the fully loaded model, we are providing:

    • MPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights ($40) 

    • Breakfast tray table ($35)

    • Full set of cooking utensils ($40)

    • 4 Bowls and 4 plates made of wheat straw ($40)

    • 5 gallon water tank ($18)

    • Trailer cover ($120)

    • Trailer lock ($25)

    The only modification made to the trailer was the addition of velcro tape in the corners of the trailer bedroom in order to hang the string lights. They can be removed if needed.

    The trailer is in great condition but suffered a few damages:

    • A big scratch on the Fulton F2 swivel jack (does not impact the functioning of the swivel jack)

    • A few small scratches on the kitchen surface

    • Slight rust on some loops of the safety chain

    Trailer purchased $22,926.49 (taxes inc.).

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