Your Own Comfortable Space

Polydrop is a mobile space designed for you to stay comfortable at any time.

Control the room temperature, charge your devices without an electrical hoookup, cook without worrying about the wind, all of these are possible with a Polydrop.

The interior design of the Polydrop takes the form of a space capsule that comforts the passenger in feeling safe and secure while being designed to easily access its interior control panel.

Space capsule inspired design

The interior of P17A and P17X

Fully insulated cabin


Seamless insulation allows you to travel at any time of the year. Travel as if you were carrying a warm hotel room.

See the room temperature in winter

Control panel (Comes with P17A and P17X)


The control panel is easily accessible. Controls air conditioner, heater, Bluetooth speakers, LED lighting, and charges devices.

Storage and music (Comes with P17A and P17X)


There are three cubby holes to store your gears, and bluetooth speakers are installed as a base feature of a P17A and P17X model.

The simple modern styling of a pull-out induction stove, storage drawer, Dometic fridge, sink and a large cooking counter illuminated by 4 LED lights, simple, yet practical and technical.


Full kitchenette included in P17A and P17X

Pull out kitchenette system (Comes with P17A and P17X)

The pull out kitchenette system gives you more space for preparation. Two burner induction stove is safe and efficient to cook. 

Fridge / freezer (Comes with P17A and P17X)

P17A and P17X model comes with a Dometic CRX-50 fridge and freezer, with a 45-liter capacity. It runs by solar power all day long.

Sink with water pump (Comes with P17A and P17X)

P17A and P17X model equipped with a faucet with a water pump, 6 gallons of a fresh water tank on board.

260W Solar panel included in P17A and P17X

Polydrop is designed for frontiers beyond the city and off the grid.

Allowing you to use air conditioners and heaters, cook on an induction stove, work from anywhere, all without an electrical hookup. Thanks to the solar-charged LiFePO4 Battery system.

Off the grid living

260W Solar panel included in P17A and P17X

Solar and battery powered system 

Using an air conditioner and heater without an electric hookup, cooking with an induction stove, charging devices on the road, all of these are possible with Polydrops' integrated electric system.

Shower on top (Comes with P17X, Optional for P17)

Roadshower 4S is included in P17X or an option with the custom roof rack for P17. While you’re out having fun, the sun heats up the 4-gallon water in the tank.

Awning (Comes with P17X, Optional for P17)

The awning rolls out from the side of Polydrop to provide 49 sq ft of shade. Easy one-person setup with integrated drop-down poles.

Aero Underbody, vertical fins (Comes with P17A)

Inspired by F1 vehicles, P17A has a full flat Aero underbody with vertical fins that helps to reduce air drag.

Travel with an EV

The aerodynamic features of the Polydrops made it possible to travel by EV. Travel further with less charging times.

Check range test records

Vortex generator, front splitter (Comes with P17A)

Vortex generator on top of the P17A helps reduce drag by directing the air completely behind the trailer.

We have carefully designed and adjusted the P17A to optimize airflow and reduce air resistance, resulting in a 55% air resistance reduction compared to the traditional teardrop trailers. 

The typical aerodynamic design is not complied for the travel trailer due to the fact that the trailer stands always behind the towing vehicle. Polydrops, especially the P17A model is carefully designed with less air drag result in the capability of towed behind EVs, letting you travel further than other trailers in less charging time.

Aerodynamic design

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