The Evolution Of The Polydrop

While on their road trip in 2017, K and J discovered several issues that needed to be addressed on their first Polydrop prototype.

The first issue that definitely had to be resolved was the lack of insulation. While camping during the winter evenings next to their lakeside campground, K and J almost froze to death (figuratively speaking) due to the 20F/30F degree weather. The original 1/2 inch insulation proved to be insufficient on keeping the heat in and the cold out. Therefor, the decision to install up to a maximum of 8 inches of foam into the walls has made a tremendous improvement for the interior climate control of the cabin. We decided to test this brand NEW 2019 Polydrop prototype trailer on March of 2019 up in Big Bear, California. The results were amazing. Without the use of the stock heater that comes with the 2019 Polydrop, we were able to measure the temperature within the cab naturally at 59.9 °F while the outside camper temperature measured at 35.2 °F. A huge significance compared to our first prototype.

Another issue that K and J further discovered upon their travels was the original leaf spring suspension on the first prototype. Due to the light weight construction of the Polydrop trailer and the firmness of the heavy duty leaf springs on this original concept, the actual test ride proved to be very bumpy with a lot of play while in motion, creating a potentially dangerous driving experience. During the drive test, they had to inspect every part of the trailer anytime they accidentally drove through a pothole or a speed bump. Upon returning from their road trip, it was agreed that the suspension was something that needed to be upgraded and improved immediately. This is when we decided to install on all of our trailers the Timbren Independent Suspension. The towing and driving ability was instantly a more stable and smoother ride with a noticeable more controllable driving experience. Our decision to use independent suspension aside from the traditional leaf springs on a single axle is definitely a little more costly, but based on their own experiences on testing both suspensions, K and J would never compromise safety for our clients in any way. Matter of fact, ever since the upgrade to the Timbren Independent Suspension its now easy to forget you're even towing one of our light weight Polydrop trailers!

An additional safety feature we decided to install on our 2019 Polydrops is the integrated disc braking system. Our first prototype was not equipped with any braking system. Due to the unpredictability of certain drivers on the road ( especially on the congested freeways of Los Angeles ), we decided to install a more dependable hydraulic braking system for added safety. At first we were thinking, "Are disc brakes too much for such a compact camper trailer?", But as soon as we gave them a road test, we immediately noticed the difference in stopping power with less "jerking" and "thrusting" in forward motion,unlike our first previous prototype. In the end, this made for a more pleasant, worry free experience in towing so that we can focus more on the beauty that surrounds us.