The Origin Of The First Polydrop Concept, Circa - 2017

In 2017, two architectural designers had a passion to build a prototype camper trailer that would not only be comfortable, but compact as well as provide a sense of personal, private space while traveling. In the summer of that same year, founder, "K" Lew and his wife "J" Cha decided to finally pursue this dream by renting out a small facility with no air conditioning during the hottest part of that summer. The very first Polydrop Prototype was originally constructed upon a folding steel chassis utility trailer. Before transitioning to a laser cutter, K and J would painstakingly hand cut all the aluminum and wood pieces by hand using only a jig-saw, a router, and a circular saw as the main tools.The first prototype provided only half an inch of insulation that was simply wrapped around the entire perimeter of the cabin. Later on, K and J would realize that this would definitely have to be upgraded as they both almost froze their tails off. This was while boondocking for the first time upon the winter beaches of Lake Powell, Arizona. All while clenching through the night onto a 12v heated travel blanket. This issue was later resolved with an upgrade of insulation up to a maximum of 8 inches thick, along with an additional forced air heater system installed which now comes stock with any Polydrops Base Model purchase.

With a passion for all things that are nature related , K and J have been traveling all up and down California, on to Utah, Nevada and Arizona with their first Polydrop prototype. Every vacation they embark on, they have received so many random responses and interactions to their Polydrop prototype mainly due to its unique and distinctive styling. So much so, that even on some instances, random strangers have stopped them at traffic lights asking where they may purchase one of their unique Polydrop trailers.

The overwhelming responses while on the road helped to encourage K and J to start producing more of these prototypes, and just like that, Polydrops Inc. was born. More than a couple of years later of multiple road tests, Polydrops has improved their trailers from real life experiences such as more sufficient insulation, independent suspension upgrades and one of the very few trailers on the market that has a unique disc braking system that requires no additional hook ups to your vehicle.

Since our first prototype trailer two years ago, we finally made the difficult decision to pass our beloved prototype on to help funding for future projects. It was the beginning phases of the Polydrops company and we thank our local neighbors that have "adopted" K and Js first prototype trailer into their family . We have learned so much from our first Polydrop concept. And since then, we have made several upgrades to the quality, integrity, and design of our product. Just like our first prototype Polydrop, were excited to see our customers enjoy their own adventures with their very own Polydrop trailer!

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