Tips: Taking a shower during the road trip

We understand the shower is important during the road trip. You can choose an optional RoadShower 4S on the top of the roof rack, but if you feel that's not enough, this post will lead you to the right shower during the road trip.

Guess who needs a shower on the road, Yes, truckers. A nationwide truckstop's shower system is already made for those truckers. Before we tried, we were thinking like, "Isn't it only for the truckers?" But no, actually anyone can get in there to enjoy the hot shower during the road trip. In fact, some of the truckstops even have hairdryers and towels too. So we downloaded a trucker app called 'Trucker Path' to find truck stops near us.

When you open the Trucker Path app, you'll see the information map around your location as you can see on the left side. You can find some truck stops near you. Let's click the TA icon to see if this truck stop has a shower facility.

You'll find that they have 8 showers as you scroll down. Let's go check it out how it actually looks like.

First things first, we need to pay for the shower at the truck stop's counter. It costs around $10 - $20 depending on the Truckstop. This time we paid $15.

Once you pay, they'll give you the ID and pin number to let you access the shower room.

It was cleaner than we thought and they had a hairdryer in the shower room. Not to mention, the best thing was that we were able to get a hot shower during the road trip. We used to use dry shampoo and baby wipes during our first road trips, but we don't need them anymore.