Designed and Manufactured in California


 We believe that our effort to towing a trailer is to be comfortable and having the best sleeping quality anywhere we want. Instead of building RVs cheap and huge by ignoring the most important factors, we are focusing on the energy efficiency to stay in the trailer comfortably as long as possible. ​


 P17A is not only designed to be efficient and comfortable while you are driving but also it protects you from any extreme condition of weather. Its heavily insulated outer shell and massive solar/electric system of P17A made this possible which is very unique. ​


Now, It's time to rewrite the way of camping.


The design of the P17A takes the form of a space capsule that comforts the passenger in feeling safe and secure while being designed to easily access its interior control panel.

Better aerodynamics lets you travel further than other trailers in less time with fewer hassles, especially for EVs. We have carefully designed and adjusted the P17A to optimize airflow and reduce air resistance, resulting in a 55% resistance reduction compared to the traditionally designed teardrop trailers. 

Aerodynamic Matters

With P17A 

Total travel time: 9h 45min

Charging time: 1hr, 3 stops

Total distance: 493mi

With Other trailers

Total travel time: 12h 12min

Charging time: 1h 30min, 5 stops

Total distance: 582mi

305Wh/mi of energy consumption while towing a P17A with the 2018 Tesla Model 3 LR means that you can travel up to 245mi with a single charge. On the other hand, while towing a different trailer like most other traditional shaped teardrop trailers which usually lead a Model 3 LR to consume around 420Wh/mi will affect your trip. You will miss scenic roads, need to stop more often, and spend more time charging your vehicle.

P17A, reference energy consumption set to 305Wh/mi. 

Other teardrop trailers, reference energy consumption set to 420Wh/mi.

*The route planner suggests taking a longer route since there is a chance to fail to drive 173mi without additional charging.

Gives You More Freedom

The true beauty of P17A is hidden under the mind-blowing styling. Our massive, one-piece rigid insulation sculpted by robots maximizes energy efficiency. Its average R-14 insulation, which has 15 times more heat transfer resistance than traditionally built plywood travel trailers. With our best-in-class insulation, camp anywhere with confidence.

No More "Camping Season"

P17A's frame is made out of 6061 Aluminum, to achieve durability, lightweight, and rust-free at the same time. Timbren 2000lbs independent suspension is a nice couple with this aluminum frame for an amazingly smooth and quiet ride. 

Full Aluminum Frame

Parts and details may be subject to change as our product evolves

Total 778N of air resistance, 242N of air resistance to a towing vehicle added by P17A. (Simulation is done at 55mph)

Total 1077N of air resistance, 541N of air resistance added to a towing vehicle by a teardrop trailer.(Simulation is done at 55mph)


A more open concept is central to the P17A's streamlined interior design, which features all the essentials. 

The interior wall is made of durable structural FRP. White & Prefinished baltic birch interior makes you feel cozy inside. Plenty of storage space with a micro closet on the back

Durable White Interior with Plenty of Storage

P17A's interior is wider than the actual Full-size mattress, thanks to the 6" of the armrest on both sides door paths

Wider Interior

P17A's safe and secure interior design gives a different feel when all doors are closed.
Warm LED lighting makes feel even more comfortable

A Mobile Hotel Room

Control the P17A's system like a pro. Thermostat with a/c and heater, inverter/charger monitor, lighting switches, vent fan controller, 12V cigarette port, USB charging port comes standard. 

Control Panel

Parts and details may be subject to change as our product evolves


The optional kitchenette module is accessible both from the cabin and outside.
Stay cozy in the cabin. No need to crawling out to grab a bottle of water in the middle of the night

Carefully selected amenities will meet your needs for your camping experience.
Induction Stove, 20-Liter fridge run by batteries solar panels all day long. Also, a hand pump sink, two storage boxes, and a flatware tray is included in the Kitchenette module

Minimal but Essential

Hand pump sink with 1.6 Gallon of fresh and grey water bricks are beginning of saving water, saving the earth.

Saving Water

Batteries are not only for the A/C and heating system. An induction stove also can be run by batteries much efficiently without any harmful gas so you can cook in the cabin with the door closed

Induction Stove that Runs by batteries

20-Liter Fridge, 2 storage boxes and flatware tray, induction stove are accessible from both in the cabin and outside

Accessible both from the Cabin and Outside

Parts and details may be subject to change as our product evolves


Up to 520W rated solar panels and up to 12kWh batteries power all components including a 5000BTU air conditioner, heater, fridge, induction cooktop for more than 6 nights.

The 260W solar Panels included in a Standard P17A can be upgraded up to 520W

520W Solar Panels

P17A is all-electric, battery powered travel trailer that allows travel gets easier. No need to find a campground with an electric hookup. 110V outlet with USB port is included in the standard model

100% Battery Powered

Parts and details may be subject to change as our product evolves


Experience The Future




Standard model's key features


- 5000 BTU Air Conditioner (Runs with batteries)

- Electric Heater (Runs with batteries)
- 2.4kWh LiFePO4 Batteries
- Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger


- 260Watts Solar Panels

- 110V Inlet Charging Port


- Full Aluminum Lightweight Frame

- Aero Underbody

- Timbren Independent Suspension

- 175/80/13 Tires
- Fulton F2 Swivel Jack


- Sleeps up to Two Adults

- Max. 8.7" Insulation (Avg. R-14)

- Removable Table over Bed

- 5 Storage Sections
- Micro Closet with Clothes bar

- Storage Module

- Control Panel

Parts and details may be subject to change as our product evolves