Designed and manufactured in California

The P17A is our newest mobile room based on the original Polydrop concept from 2017 - redesigned with the understanding that having your own comfortable, secure space with a reliable and sustainable energy source is essential for relaxing, fulfilling travel.


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Build your own Polydrop from 144 variants. Super lightweight to be towed by any car. Full aluminum tube frame equipped with Timbren independent suspension gives you an exceptionally quiet riding experience. With the maximum 8.7" R-14 insulation, it is fully ready for All-Season camping.



The ultimate road trip experience with extreme comfort. Light enough to be towed by most cars, carefully engineered for the EVs. Built for extreme weather with R14 insulation, full aluminum tube frame, Timbren independent suspension, and solar powered climate control system with massive batteries.

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Established in February 2019, Polydrops is a comfort space design company dedicated to developing the mobile rooms


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