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Got Your Own Space?

Got Your Own Space?


Your Own Space

After a decade of studying architectural design, the founders of Polydrops, Kyung-Hyun and Jieun, recognized that the spaces they had been designing were intended for others and not for their own personal use. In an effort to rectify this, they made the decision to sell Kyung-Hyun's car and use the proceeds to develop a portable, personal space, which ultimately gave rise to the establishment of Polydrops.

DSC05837 copy_1.jpg

The design of Polydrop is centered on the concept of "Your Own Space". The interior features two inches of seamless insulation, while the exterior design prioritizes aerodynamics to enable it to be towed by any vehicle, including electric vehicles.


P19 [Shorty]

Completely solar-powered your own space. It shares the iconic, original shape of Polydrop Trailer back in 2017. A climate control system, 110V outlets, and a full kitchen come standard.

Screenshot 2022-11-09 at 8.10.17 AM.png


Evaluation of polydrops from various angles including design magazine, business magazine, RV magazine and electric vehicle news.

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Research and Development by Polydrops

Aerodynamic Study

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