The very first Polydrop was designed in 2017 to prove that camping doesn't need to compromise comfort. To achieve this, Polydrops has been focused on how to improve energy efficiency - insulation became an integral part of the design, finding how to best retain interior heat in a cold climate and deflect heat in hot weather. 


In March 2019, the Polydrop trailer was unveiled to the public, with thick insulation (maximum 8.2"). Essentially a wooden cabin trailer with foam insulation inserted underneath the aluminum skin. 

The 2020 Polydrop was improved with the walls made out of foam core structure sandwiched between the interior FRP sheets and exterior aluminum paneling. The true foam core structure helped to minimize the thermal bridge along the structural edges and intersections of the cabin. It was also upgraded with a fully electric HVAC system that could be intermittently powered by a LiFePO4 battery. 

Now, P17A unveiled in 2021, with the true foam core structure and floor integrated battery system which can store up to 12kWh of electricity, up to 520W solar power, and fully electrified amenities. This allows for around 6 days of off-grid camping without compromising comfort. The aero underbody is added to improve the aerodynamics, which helps reduce fuel consumption and the impact on the towing vehicle.

Polydrops is improving a mobile room where you can find comfort.